[PATCH] powerpc: convert mace to netdev_ops

Rogério Brito rbrito at ime.usp.br
Tue Apr 28 00:20:25 EST 2009

Hi, Dave.

On Apr 27 2009, David Miller wrote:
> You can fix the mace_set_timeout() function arguments by having a
> helper function that simply wraps around it and provides the second
> expection of argument types.

Hummm, this means that I'm not that bad... The wrapper function was the
first thing that came to my mind, but I just wanted to be as least
disruptive as possible.

> Your patch is also wrong, it's missing a lot of netdev_ops
> entries that are implicitly obtained via alloc_etherdev(),
> namely:

Thanks for pointing those out. I didn't find the documentation about
netdev_ops under Documentation (a simple grep didn't turn any results).

> 	.ndo_change_mtu		= eth_change_mtu,
> 	.ndo_set_mac_address 	= eth_mac_addr,
> 	.ndo_validate_addr	= eth_validate_addr,

Nice. I will incorporate such things.

Thanks, Rogério Brito.

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