[PATCH v3] powerpc/85xx: Add P2020DS board support

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Thu Apr 23 04:16:30 EST 2009

Kumar Gala wrote:
>> What "we care about" at this point is irrelevant, given the PITA it 
>> would be to change the device trees (or u-boot) that are already in 
>> use once we do begin to care.
> Which is exactly why I didn't put it in the .dts right now.


> Today we know NO code exists that cares about "fsl,elbc-1.2". Once someone adds 
> such code they can also update the .dts to match it.

DTS files and firmware are *MUCH* harder to update once they're out 
there than the kernel.  Why such opposition to using an appropriate 

Is there anything in the p2020ds u-boot patches to set the elbc version, 
or was that just a brush-off?


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