[PATCH] keywest: Convert to new-style i2c driver

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Thu Apr 23 00:24:56 EST 2009

At Wed, 22 Apr 2009 22:56:52 +1000,
Paul Mackerras wrote:
> Jean Delvare writes:
> > > I sympathize, but throwing disruptive changes into Linus' tree when
> > > we're past -rc3 is not the way to solve the problem.
> > 
> > We're past -rc3 because people discuss instead of testing my patches.
> > Otherwise everything would be merged already.
> Well, no.  The first conversion patch that I saw was posted after the
> merge window had already closed, on 8 April.
> > And really, these changes (sound drivers) don't qualify as disruptive.
> > You might argue about the thermal management driver changes if you
> > want. But sound drivers, nothing bad will happen if they accidentally
> > break.
> That's what we call a "regression". :)

Well, I believe it's even better to merge this conversion patch now,
from practical viewpoint.

If we get a regression for this particular device, the patch can be
simply reverted as long as the legacy i2c framework exists.  If we
merge everything, i.e. the conversion and the removal of old i2c
binding, at the same time in 2.6.31 merge window, reverting is much

So, I agree with that the removal of old i2c binding can be postponed
to 2.6.31.  It can be done on linux-next from now on, and we can keep
watching.  But, this small conversion patch can be more easily managed
in 2.6.30.



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