freeze when reading a PCI bridge register

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So the host bridge is important, what is the bridge?
Marvell or Tundra chipset?


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			I' am trying to configure a PCI bridge on a private board, with a 
			powerpc . In a first time, I tried to get informations about PCI 
			devices, in order to be sure  that  my read  and write methods work ( 
			using 2 configuration registers, like on an x86 architecture.) . 2 
			configuration registers  are used, for example we  write  an encoded 
			address (it is a request to a PCI device) in the first and 
			the answer of 
			the PCI device can be read in the second register (it is a 
			Firstly, I did it by JTAG: it works. Then, under uboot, it is ok.
			For example, the code used under u-boot:
			volatile u32* addr;
			u32 vendor_device_ID;
			puts("PCI1 reading PCI VENDOR and DEVICE ID\n");
			addr= CFG_DATA_PCI1;
			vendor_device_ID= *addr;
			printf("PCI1: PCI1_VENDOR_DEVICE_ID= %08x  \n" ,vendor_device_ID);
			Therefore, when I do the same thing under Linux, the system 
			crash when I 
			try to read the second register...
			Linux is frozen, and there is no error message.
			Under Linux, I made an ioremap before use the registers and access to 
			these registers thanks to  functions  "in_be32" and "out_be32".
			I tried with different endianness to avoid an error of this type.
			If I understand, the main difference between u-boot and Linux (about 
			registers access) is the activation of the MMU.
			So I thought that  problem could come from it. 
			I think the problem could came from the configuration of DBAT 
			and IBATS 
			registers of the MMU, but I didn't found any information 
			about the MMU 
			configuration under Linux.
			So after this novel, I have some questions:
			-Is the MMU configuration generic under Linux?
			-Does somebody think that the problem doesn't come from MMU?
			-How does work ioremap? Is it a fully software function, or does it 
			speaks to MMU to get the effective address from physical address?
			-Does somebody have an idea, or a documentation about MMU 
			under linux?
			-Do you think that my MMU is under the control of an evil spirit? ^^

		What is the PowerPC you are using?

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