INET_LRO as tristate and use from modules

David Miller davem at
Wed Apr 22 19:12:18 EST 2009

From: Olof Johansson <olof at>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 14:33:19 -0500

> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 12:23:03AM +0530, Subrata Modak wrote:
>>   MODPOST 338 modules
>> ERROR: ".lro_receive_skb" [drivers/net/pasemi_mac_driver.ko] undefined!
>> ERROR: ".lro_flush_all" [drivers/net/pasemi_mac_driver.ko] undefined!
>> WARNING: modpost: Found 1 section mismatch(es).
>> To see full details build your kernel with:
>> make[1]: *** [__modpost] Error 1
>> make: *** [modules] Error 2
> This seems to be a problem with all tristate-capable drivers that use
> LRO (and uses select INET_LRO in their Kconfig): INET_LRO is a tristate
> and can thus be a module. Looks like it needs to be a bool instead?

Yes, making this a bool would be the easiest fix.

By why don't we get the same problem for PHYLIB?  It's also
tristate and "select"'d by a whole slew of networking drivers.

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