[PATCH] powerpc: Update Warp to use leds-gpio driver

Trent Piepho xyzzy at speakeasy.org
Sat Apr 18 13:12:50 EST 2009

On Mon, 6 Apr 2009, Sean MacLennan wrote:
> Now that leds-gpio is a proper OF platform driver, the Warp can use
> the leds-gpio driver rather than the old out-of-kernel driver.
> One side-effect is the leds-gpio driver always turns the leds off
> while the old driver left them alone. So we have to set them back to
> the correct settings.

Originally, I had the OF bindings support this feature, see

Maybe this would be a better way to do it?  It avoids the glitch in the
leds, is less code overall, and can be use by other devices that might want
this same behavior.

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