powerpc-linux-gcc vs ppx_8xx-gcc and ppc_6xx-gcc

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Fri Apr 17 17:31:07 EST 2009

Dear "Lixin Yao",

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In message <03D77CA4AC7F4D48A6AB5DA3F1001B3FB5BAC7 at exchtxus2.HSTX.global.vpn> you wrote:
> I use ELDK 4.2 to work on platforms, one with MPC860 and the other with
> MPC8248.
> In installation, I see links:
> ppc_8xx-gcc -> ppc-linux-gcc
> ppc_6xx-gcc -> ppc-linux-gcc
> ppc-linux-gcc -> powerpc-linux-gcc
> I understand ppc_8xx-gcc needs to be used for MPC860 and ppc_6xx-gcc
> needs to be used for MPC8248. But both point to the same
> "powerpc-linux-gcc". 
> What are the differences between powerpc-linux-gcc, ppx_8xx-gcc and
> ppc_6xx-gcc? What's the default target processorr of powerpc-linux-gcc?

You must always specify the wanted target architecture in the
CROSS_COMPILE environment variable. If you run ppc_6xx-gcc or
powerpc-linux-gcc (which is possible, but NOT recommended because
it's often difficult to detect misconfigurations like incorrect
CROSS_COMPILE settings) then the target architecture is taken from
the CROSS_COMPILE value.

It is recommended to set CROSS_COMPILE and then run
${CROSS_COMPILE}gcc because this allows easy switching between
different target architectures, i. e. you can write Makefiles that
work both natively and for cross development, and for any of the
supported target architectures without changes to the code.

See for example the Linux or U-Boot Makefiles which work this way.

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Wolfgang Denk

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