[PATCH] powerpc: VRM unused page hinting

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Wed Apr 15 14:46:47 EST 2009

Robert Jennings writes:

> Adds support for the "unused" page hint which can be used in shared
> memory partitions to flag pages not in use, which will then be stolen
> before active pages by the hypervisor when memory needs to be moved to
> LPARs in need of additional memory.  Failure to mark pages as 'unused'
> makes the LPAR slower to give up unused memory to other partitions.

The patch also adds a kernel command line option.  That should be
mentioned in the patch description and documented in
Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt.  Also, I'd like you to choose a
better name for the kernel command line option than "cmma", which is
completely opaque to me -- it doesn't seem to be the name or even the
initials of anything in the patch.  Presumably it's somehow related to
CMO, but just how is not at all clear.


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