Xilinx board and NPTL support lockup

John Bonesio john.bonesio at xilinx.com
Fri Apr 10 02:50:54 EST 2009

Hi Kevin,

This doesn't look like an NPTL problem to me. It appears you have 
rebuilt the kernel, and your new kernel has a problem booting on the 
board. I would check the configuration options you have enabled in the 
kernel, and I would check that xparameters.h (older kernel) or the 
device-tree (newer kernel) is right for your hardware design.

If you haven't rebuilt the kernel, then I would check your setup.

- John

khollan wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have a board similar to the ml410, its been running a linux kernel happily
> for about a year now, but now the firmware guys want NPTL threading instead
> of the linuxthread library.
> I recompiled my gcc 4.0.2 and glibc 2.3.6 library with the NPTL support, and
> recompiled my kernel with the new tools.
> Now my kernel gets stuck at the infamous "Now Booting the Kernel" message.
> Any thoughts on why this might be happening, or how to verify that my glibc
> and gcc are functional other than trying to compile things with them (I know
> this works).
> Thanks
> Kevin 


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