issue at the beginning of kernel booting

Scott Wood scottwood at
Wed Apr 8 05:41:48 EST 2009

Sauce.Cheng wrote:
>>> i tried 
>>> how can i make sure CPM_ADDR, 0xf0000008 is default value 
>> Look at the u-boot source, or dump the memory and see if it looks like a
>> ring buffer.
> sorry, i mean that CPM_ADDR is address of what? address of CPM registers or
> something?

It's the address of a transmit descriptor for the serial port.  It's 
typically in DPRAM, but the exact position depends on where u-boot put 
it.  Try 0xf0000088.

>> This is a dts-v0 tree, which implies it's fairly old.
> dose later dts be used in corresponding kernel version ?

Yes, current kernels use dts-v1.

> in addition, there is one more question. 
> my RAM size is 32MBytes, my "vmlinux" size is 30MBytes, "vmlinux.o" size is
> 58MBytes. so , will there be something wrong at uncompressing time ?

That's just debugging information; it won't end up in the uImage.  Use 
the "size" utility in your toolchain to see how big the actual code and 
data are.


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