making cuImage with ELDK 4.2

Scott Wood scottwood at
Tue Apr 7 04:16:21 EST 2009

On Mon, Apr 06, 2009 at 04:14:51AM -0700, Yigal Goldberger wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to make cuImage using kernel .
> The problem is I can't find a match between a dtc version and a dts file that will compile . I took dtc-v1.2.0 from several sources and tried to make them . They all fail with the same error : 
> 	 CC dtc-lexer.lex.o
> dtc-lexer.lex.c: In function `yylex':
> dtc-lexer.lex.c:762: warning: label `find_rule' defined but not used
> dtc-lexer.l: At top level:
> dtc-lexer.lex.c:1870: warning: 'yy_flex_realloc' defined but not used
> 	 CC

I believe you need a newer flex.

And a newer kernel, but not because of this. :-)


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