USB does not work on mpc8347

山崎 精二 yamazaki.seiji at
Wed Apr 1 20:13:37 EST 2009

Hi all,

I am running the Linux kernel on my PPC8347 BRD.
I have some problem.

One is USB does not work on mpc8347.
platform_driver_probe(&udc_driver, fsl_udc_probe) is failed.
struct is 
static struct platform_driver udc_driver = {
	.probe = fsl_udc_probe,
	.remove  = __exit_p(fsl_udc_remove),
	/* these suspend and resume are not usb suspend and resume */
	.suspend = fsl_udc_suspend,
	.resume  = fsl_udc_resume,
	.driver  = {
//		.name = (char *)driver_name,
		.name		= "fsl-usb2-mph",
		.owner = THIS_MODULE,
I do not know why it fails.
Do i have to do something ?


yamazaki seiji <yamazaki.seiji at>

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