[Patch 0/3] OProfile SPU event profiling support for IBM Cell processor

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Wed Nov 26 03:00:30 EST 2008

On Tuesday 25 November 2008, Carl Love wrote:
> This patch set consists of two kernel patches and one user level patch
> to add SPU event based profiling support to OProfile for the IBM Cell
> processor.  The first patch in the series is the user level patch that
> adds the needed events and event checking to the user tool.  The second
> patch is the first of two kernel patches.  It makes some structural
> changes to the kernel code to make it easier to add the specific
> functions for doing SPU event profiling.  The first kernel patch does
> not make any functional changes.  The third patch in the series is the
> second kernel patch where the actual SPU event profiling code support is
> added to the kernel.

Thanks for your submission!

I can't comment on the oprofile user code, but I have some comments
on the implementation in the third patch.

Are the patches interdependent, or will old versions of the oprofile
tool work with new kernels and vice versa?

	Arnd <><

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