[PATCH 2/2] talitos: Freescale integrated security engine (SEC) driver

Evgeniy Polyakov johnpol at 2ka.mipt.ru
Sat May 31 06:13:52 EST 2008

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 02:41:17PM -0500, Scott Wood (scottwood at freescale.com) wrote:
> >>Don't you want to protect against simultaneous access to register space
> >>from different CPUs? Or it is single processor board only?
> >
> >Doesn't linux mask the IRQ line for the interrupt currently being
> >serviced, and on all processors?
> Yes.  Could there be interference from non-interrupt driver code on 
> another cpu (or interrupted code), though?

Yes, that register space can be assigned from non-interrupt path on
different cpu. I saw spin_lock_irqsave() is used in some other places,
but not in interrupt handler itself.

	Evgeniy Polyakov

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