[RFC PATCH 0/4] Relocable kernel support for PPC64

Mohan Kumar M mohan at in.ibm.com
Fri May 30 04:55:12 EST 2008


Following four patches enable the "relocatable kernel" feature for
PPC64 kernels.
	1. extract_relocation_info.patch
	2. relocation_build.patch
	3. apply_relocation.patch
	4. relocation_support.patch

With the patchset, vmcore image of a crashed system can be captured
using the same kernel binary.

Still the kernel is not a fully relocatable kernel. It can either run at
0 or 32MB based on which address its loaded. If its loaded by 'kexec
it behaves as a relocatable kernel and runs at 32MB(even though its
compiled for 0). If the same kernel is loaded by yaboot or kexec -l, it
will behave as a normal kernel and will run at the compiled address.

* During kdump kernel boot, all secondary processors are stuck up. But
  during yaboot all secondary processors are brought online.
* Relocatable kernel build process is not yet integrated with the kernel
* Normal kexec'ing this kernel (kexec -l and -e) does not work. It hangs
  in early_init_devtree function while calling the
  functions (usually these functions are called by function pointers)
* Some times the exception vectors are overwritten in the kdump kernel.

Building relocatable kernel support:
Enable "Build a kdump crash kernel" option and "Build relocatable
options to build the kernel as relocatable.

After the kernel build, build the relocatable kernel by running
	make -f make.reloc

Copy the vmlinux.reloc to /boot, build initrd and update yaboot.conf to
include the entry for 'vmlinux.reloc' and corresponding initrd

Please give me your comments and suggestions to fix the above issues and
improve this feature.


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