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> Scott, Li,
> I'm sorry to bother you again ... but after bringing up all 
> parts of my
> MPC8343 based board the not working USB is the last pending problem.
> Actually I'm running on 2.6.25 with a custom board.
> Since USB is different for MPC8349/7/3 (depending on package) there
> _could_ be a configuration problem.
> Maybe you can help me out or give some hints at last.
> Situation:
> MPC8343A with ULPI-PHY (USB3300 from SMSC) connected the same 
> way as on
> the Freescale "MPC8349EA_MDS_PB-TBGA" Board, i.e. using ULPI 
> mode of the
> USB dual role module.
> Do you know if this PHY has ever been running on any Freescale board ?

Yes, this PHY is used on several reference boards.

> Do you know of _any_ MPC8343 based board running USB with an OTG PHY ?
> Or has it always been a 8349 thus having both ports available ?
> There are quite a few things that make me wonder :
> Regarding to MPC8343EA manual I only have DR_D0..D7 pins available for
> the DualRole module.
> The port is labeled "Port1" - it's the only one that is bonded inside
> the small package.
> On the Freescale schematics the pins DR_D0..D7 are labeld "Port0".

There is some confusion between the board port and chip port.  But as MPC8343/7/9 share the same UM, it should be the same as 8349.

- Leo

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