help with USB on mpc8313e

Suvidh Kankariya suvidh.kankariya at
Sat May 24 04:32:22 EST 2008

I am trying to use the mpc8313e internal usb phy with internal 
oscillator frequency of  24 Mz. in host mode on a custom board.
Whenever I plugin any low/fast speed device the device gets detected but 
then always get an error
"cannot read descriptor 64  error 71".Also I get address error after that .

Can somebody point me what this error can be related to ?Can it be a 
problem with ehci drivers or some configuration. (I get a valid clock 
bit set in the status register).

Also can someone point me how I include support for mmc on spi. I am 
using kernel 2.6.20 that comes along with mpc8313e bsp.

Any pointers are highly appreciable.

Thanks in advance


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