[PATCH 3/4] [MMC] mmc_spi: add polling support for the card detect line

Anton Vorontsov avorontsov at ru.mvista.com
Sat May 24 01:42:04 EST 2008

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 09:34:32PM +0200, Pierre Ossman wrote:
> > Ok. How about this version?
> > 
> Perfect. Unless there is some way you can pass flags in platform data?
> Using the lack of an init() to determine the need for polling is a bit
> circumstantial.

Aha, that's an idea, thanks. Implemented in the updated patches.

I think, in case of capabilities, it's users' responsibility to not
issue bogus flags, so mmc_spi doesn't mask anything, it just passes
platform's caps. This also avoids drivers update when (if) new caps
will be implemented.

Anton Vorontsov
email: cbouatmailru at gmail.com

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