New commits in powerpc.git powerpc-next branch

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Fri May 23 19:54:04 EST 2008

I have pushed the following commits to the powerpc-next and master
branches of the powerpc.git repository.  I have also pulled in Linus'
tree plus the 5 commits that I have put on the merge branch and asked
Linus to pull.


Anton Vorontsov (1):
      [POWERPC] of/gpio: Use dynamic base allocation

Kumar Gala (1):
      [POWERPC] mpic: Deal with bogus NIRQ in Feature Reporting Register

Michael Ellerman (2):
      [POWERPC] Add debugging trigger to Axon MSI code
      [POWERPC] Remove unnecessary cast in arch_deref_entry_point()

Roland McGrath (1):
      [POWERPC] Tweak VDSO linker script to avoid upsetting old binutils

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