[RFC] 4xx hardware watchpoint support

Luis Machado luisgpm at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu May 22 03:39:36 EST 2008


This is a patch that has been sitting idle for quite some time. I
decided to move it further because it is something useful. It was
originally written by Michel Darneille, based off of 2.6.16.

The original patch, though, was not compatible with the current DABR
logic. DABR's are used to implement hardware watchpoint support for
ppc64 processors (i.e. 970, Power5 etc). 4xx's have a different
debugging register layout and needs to be handled differently (they two
registers: DAC and DBCR0).

I've refreshed the patch to a recent stable release (, still
apllies cleanly on, made the patch compatible with both 4xx
and ppc64 processor designs, fixed some masks that didn't seem correct
(the ones setting hw watch read/write modes) and refactored some of the

Though, i'm still not happy enough with the patch as i think we could
improve it a bit further. Some points i consider worth of attention:

1) There is a do_dac(...) implementation inside
arch/powerpc/kernel/traps.c. I don't feel this is correct. I see that
the 64-bit counterpart, do_dabr(...), is implemented inside
arch/powerpc/mm/fault.c. Due to do_dac(...) being implemented inside
traps.c, we need to externalize the declaration for "get_dac(...)" on
"include/asm-[powerpc|ppc]/system.h" so it's made visible to that scope.
We could use mfspr(...) to get the register's contents directly, but
then i wouldn't make sense to have get_dac(...) in the first place.
Maybe moving the do_dac(...) code to arch/powerpc/mm/fault.c would make
more sense since we seem to have the address already, and won't need to
call get_dac(...) to get it.

2) The change to make set_debugreg(...) and get_debugreg(...)
transparent for both DAC-driven and DABR-driven processors is OK. But
that shouldn't require us to externalize the declaration of
set_debugreg(...) in order to use it in arch/powerpc/kernel/traps.c
right? Maybe this has some relationship with the above point.

3) Maybe it would be better to come up with a way to merge both DABR and
DAC/DBCR0 logic in order to get rid of dozens of processor-specific
#ifdef's? This could be a bit more complex since it would require
re-writing good portions of code.

4) Should i use CONFIG_40x ou CONFIG_4xx instead? Would CONFIG_4xx
automatically include 40x's? I'm mainly targetting 4xx's here, though
40x's should be similar except for 403.

5) This is something i'm worried about for future features. We currently
have a way to support only Hardware Watchpoints, but not Hardware
Breakpoints (on 64-bit processors that have a IABR register or 32-bit
processors carrying the IAC register). Looking at the code, we don't
differentiate a watchpoint from a breakpoint request. A ptrace call has
currently 3 arguments: REQUEST, ADDR and DATA. We use REQUEST and DATA
to set a hardware watchpoint. Maybe we could use the ADDR parameter to
set a hardware breakpoint? Or use it to tell the kernel whether we want
a hardware watchpoint or hardware breakpoint and then pass the address
of the instruction/data through the DATA parameter? What do you think?

I appreciate any comments about these items and the patch itself.

Best regards.
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