Patches added to 4xx next branch

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Wed May 21 00:21:43 EST 2008

Hi All,

The following patches have been added to the next branch of the 4xx
tree.  I plan on letting them sit in there for a few days and then
asking Paul to pull into his tree.  That way if I've screwed something
up only poor Stephen will get hit by it and I can fix things without
causing major problems for others.

I have a few more patches to add, but nothing really major.  If the
outstanding questions on sam440ep are answered/fixed then that will
likely go in too.  If there are things I've missed, please let me know.


David Gibson (1):
      [POWERPC] Convert remaining dts-v0 files to v1

Josh Boyer (2):
      [POWERPC] 4xx: Fix PCI mem in rainier DTS
      [POWERPC] 4xx: Fix compiler warning on DCR_NATIVE only builds

Sean MacLennan (2):
      [POWERPC] PIKA Warp: Update DTS to support Rev B boards
      [POWERPC] PIKA Warp: Update platform code to support Rev B boards

Stephen Neuendorffer (1):
      [POWERPC] Refactor DCR code

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