[PATCH 0/4] minor fixes for 2.6.26

David Gibson david at gibson.dropbear.id.au
Tue May 20 12:45:41 EST 2008

On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 04:22:40AM +0200, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
>>>> Arguably this suggests we should rename either the lds files or the
>>>> zImages so that we *can* get a pattern to match.
>>> Not really.  Just define a $(ALL_ZIMAGES) var and use that everywhere.
>>> I would be pretty upset if "make clean" decided to delete my
>>> zImage.backup,
>>> etc.
>> That won't work for .gitignore.
> Sure, * is fine in .gitignore (and then un-ignore the few files you
> don't want ignored).  .gitignore is just a convenience thing, after
> all.
>> Besides it's hard to generate, since
>> zImage.<allsortsofthings> can be generated based on dts names.
> Tricky.  But if make can generate the name _at all_ (and it can),
> it can do it here, too.  It just needs some fairy dust sprinkling.
>> Oh, and variables like that are usually a bad idea for clean rules,
>> because if new things have just been added/removed from the list, it
>> will fail to clean up things built before the makefile change was
>> made.
> Yes.  OTOH, using xx* in "make clean" is an even worse idea.

Well, yeah, hence with the name-changing...

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