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Fri May 16 04:39:08 EST 2008

Hi Guillaume,

If you're using arch/powerpc, my understanding is that
CONFIG_XILINX_GPIO needs to be enabled as well as having the right info
in the dts file.

Right now I'll have to defer to others to tell you what's needed in the
dts file.

If you're using arch/ppc, I believe you just need CONFIG_XILINX_GPIO

When the system boots up, you see a message on the console when the GPIO
driver initializes.

This is not exactly a tutorial. Hopefully this still helps,

- John

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Hello all,
I'm trying to use the Xilinx GPIO from a user program.
Since I haven't managed to compile their example (simon.c is given
without a 
makefile), I wanted to try using /dev/gpio...

So I added
/dev/gpio0  c  666  0  0  10  185 -  -  -
to device_table.txt when I generated my root filesystem with buildroot,
apparently this leads nowhere as it's not visible in /proc/devices.

Is there some example or tutorial on how to use CONFIG_XILINX_GPIO ?
as a device or as API calls...
Guillaume Dargaud

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