linux-next: powercp-next build failure

Olaf Hering olaf at
Thu May 15 17:06:51 EST 2008

On Thu, May 15, Stephen Rothwell wrote:

> Today's linux-next build (sparc64 defconfig) fails like this:
> drivers/of/device.c: In function `modalias_show':
> drivers/of/device.c:66: error: implicit declaration of function `of_device_get_modalias'
> Caused by commit 140b932f8cb6cced10b96860651a198b1b89cbb9 ("[POWERPC]
> Create modalias file in sysfs for of_platform bus") from the powerpc-next
> tree as there is a definition and declaration of of_device_get_modalias
> only for powerpc.  I reverted that commit for today.

Better fix it up because my patch was for 2.6.25, and I cant follow
mainline due to time constraints.

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