[PATCH 0/6] 16G and multi size hugetlb page support on powerpc

Nick Piggin npiggin at suse.de
Wed May 14 14:25:44 EST 2008

On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 12:07:15PM -0500, Jon Tollefson wrote:
> This patch set builds on Nick Piggin's patches for multi size and giant 
> hugetlb page support of April 22.  The following set of patches adds 
> support for 16G huge pages on ppc64 and support for multiple huge page 
> sizes at the same time on ppc64.  Thus allowing 64K, 16M, and 16G huge 
> pages given a POWER5+ or later machine.
> New to this version of my patch is numerous bug fixes and cleanups, but 
> the biggest change is the support for multiple huge page sizes on power.
> patch 1: changes to generic hugetlb to enable 16G pages on power
> patch 2: powerpc: adds function for allocating 16G pages
> patch 3: powerpc: setups 16G page locations found in device tree
> patch 4: powerpc: page definition support for 16G pages
> patch 5: check for overflow when user space is 32bit
> patch 6: powerpc: multiple huge page size support

Hi Jon,

Thanks very much. I'll put these at the end of my patchset and attempt
to keep them building if I make changes to the core code (have to spend
a bit of time catching up with the review comments from last round).

I'll send out another patchset for review in a day or so after I catch
up, and then hopefully get it merged in -mm for 2.6.27.


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