[PATCH 1/4 V2] booting-without-of for Freescale MSI

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri May 9 19:26:46 EST 2008

Hi Jason,

Some more comments...

> +    - compatible : set as "fsl,86xx-MSI" for 86xx cpu, "fsl,85xx-MSI" 
> for 85xx
> +      cpu and "fsl,83xx-MSI" for 83xx cpu.

Don't use "xx", use real device names instead.  If for example the 
86xx device that implements this is 8600, and you write a tree for the 
you'd write  compatible = "fsl,8699-msi", "fsl,8600-msi";  and the 
will look for "fsl,8600-msi" only usually, but it can take some special
actions for 8699 if it needs to.

If these MSI devices work really identical for 83xx, 85xx, 86xx, there 
no need to distinguish between them for probing either -- you want to 
the same driver for all, anyway.

Oh, and the norm is to write compatible values in lower case.

> +    - msi-available-ranges: use <start count> style section to define 
> which
> +      msi interrupt can be used in the 256 msi interrupts.

Please make this property optional, default to "all available".


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