[PATCH 4/4] booting-without-of for Freescale MSI

Jin Zhengxiong Jason.Jin at freescale.com
Wed May 7 19:35:43 EST 2008

 > >
> > Thanks for your input. I think the name "fsl,MPIC-MSI" and 
> > "fsl,IPIC-MSI"
> > is somethind specific.
> This is the third MSI-on-MPIC I've seen, and I doubt it will 
> be the last.  It is likely FSL will make some different one 
> in the future, as well.
This is the first patch for the FSL MSI support, I wish it can be
used for most of the freescale board if the PIC is still MPIC or IPIC.

> Please don't use generic names for specific devices.
How about using "fsl,85xx-MSI" for 85xx board, "fsl,86xx-MSI" for
86xx board and so on.


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