arch/ppc is broken

Segher Boessenkool segher at
Wed May 7 08:04:58 EST 2008

>> On a related note, arch/ppc defconfig doesn't even configure anymore;
>> common_defconfig was removed, but it is still the default.  What 
>> config
>> should we use as default now?
> I'd be willing to guess that the answer is "nothing".

Plain "defconfig" should use _something_.  Something that still exists,

> You're welcome to use ebony_defconfig

Yeah, that's what I use again now.

> but that's just as much unmaintained as the rest
> of arch/ppc and only builds when someone doesn't break it.

That's more often than "never even starts to build" ;-)

>> Josh, I'll look into the build failure now.
> Masochist ;)



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