[PATCH 4/4] [POWERPC] Xilinx: Framebuffer: Use dcr infrastructure.

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Tue May 6 20:56:44 EST 2008

> Current standard practice is not to represent the DCR bus as node with
> subnodes for the DCR-controlled devices.  That's because the DCR bus
> tends to run in addition to other on-chip busses, and some things have
> to go on another on-chip bus to make sense, but still have DCR control
> registers (for example the internal bus bridges on 4xx).


> Arguably for DCR-only devices we should instead have a node
> representing the DCR bus and just put the devices under it with the
> DCR number encoded in reg in the normal way.


> But then its
> inconsistent with the devices that need the other DCR representation.

OTOH, it _is_ consistent with all other (non-DCR) devices that way.

What you could do right now is to give such DCR-only devices both
normal "reg" etc., and the "dcr-reg" etc. properties, containing
both the same info.  If you do that, your device tree will be
correct (because you got all the standard stuff right), and the
kernel will like it as well (because it looks for the "dcr-reg"

Then maybe later, if/when the kernel supports the standard addressing
for DCR as well, you could drop the "dcr-reg" things from your DTS.
Or you could just keep it.

David, will this work, do you think?

> Segher and I did toss around some ideas for generalizing the DCR
> representation to a way of representing that any node has some
> presence on a bus other than its "primary" parent (e.g. other-bus-reg
> = <&dcr-bus 0x0d0 0x010 &strange-i2c-control-bus 0xabc>).  Then
> DCR-only devices would use normal "reg", devices that sit on another
> bus would sit on that bus and use this representation to show their
> DCR control registers.  Maybe one day.

One day perhaps, yes :-)

It sounds cleaner to split such a prop into separate props per bus.
Maybe I said the opposite before, heh :-)


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