How to link a .o with all modules

Sam Ravnborg sam at
Tue May 6 06:44:49 EST 2008

> >
> >
> >Let me know if this does address your question.
> The problem is MODPOST complains about undefined symbols:
>   MODPOST 24 modules
> ERROR: "_restgpr_20_x" [net/key/af_key.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "_restgpr_25_x" [net/key/af_key.ko] undefined!
> ERROR: "_restgpr_30_x" [net/key/af_key.ko] undefined!

I need a bit more context to try to analyse this.
Where did you expect _restgpr_20_x to be defined.
If in vmlinux then were they present in the
Module.symvers file?

If in the linked in .o file - could you
see the symbols using objdump.


Sorry - not much help right away.

PS. Travelling - do not expect responses until the


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