how to check for "optional" ppc chip features (MSR_BE)

Roland McGrath roland at
Mon May 5 09:12:07 EST 2008

> Oh and classic pitfall: If you define a new feature bit, make sure
> CPU_FTRS_POSSIBLE is updated to contain it in cputable.h

Yeah, all that stuff I could figure out as needed.  What I really meant
was, where is the big official table of which chips behave which ways that
you base all code that on?  Actually, I don't really care as long as you
all are happy to be responsible for figuring out what matters.  With the
patch I posted to use MSR_BE, I took Kumar Gala's word as gospel that all
the chips on which we use MSR_SE also have MSR_BE.  If that's not right,
then I hope you'd like to pick a feature bit, populate the tables, etc.,
and fix the definition of arch_has_block_step() as appropriate.


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