[PATCH] [POWERPC] Fix kernel builds with newer gcc versions and -Os

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Sat May 3 08:16:07 EST 2008

David Miller wrote:
> The problem only occurs once you reference a function that references
> libc stuff, and those guys are just lucky so far.

Yeah, lucky they don't need to reinvent the wheel every time the 
GCC/libgcc interface changes. :-)

If GCC generates a call to a libgcc function that calls a libc function, 
I'd consider that a pretty serious bug, given that said libc function is 
likely to consist of GCC-generated code, which could call the same 
libgcc function, which calls the libc function, etc.

> It's also one less variable to debug if you put the implementation
> in the kernel, or do you like debugging compiler induced problems?
> I don't :-)

I'd say problems are more likely if you use nonstandard implementations 
of GCC internals...


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