[PATCH] docbook: fix fatal rapidio yet again (and more to come)

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Thu May 1 08:09:24 EST 2008

Andrew Morton writes:

> > Odd.  I thought Paul had picked up a docbook RapidIO patch from you in  
> > the latest merge round.
> > 
> Well it's more than "a" patch.  The six-week-old patch series is:
> rapidio-add-memory-mapping-driver-to-rapidio.patch
> rapidio-add-rapidio-space-allocation-bitmap-arithmetic.patch
> rapidio-add-fsl-rapidio-controller-memory-ops-functions.patch
> rapidio-add-the-rapidio-master-port-maintance-and-doorbell-window-to-space-resources.patch
> rapidio-add-rapidio-proc-fs-for-memory-mapping-debugging.patch
> rapidio-add-the-memory-mapping-support-in-rionet-driver.patch
> rapidio-fix-docbook-references.patch
> rapidio-fix-kernel-doc-problems.patch

What happened is that you (Andrew) sent them on to me pretty much
unexamined.  I took a look at them and dropped one of them because it
created a new /proc file.  I asked Kumar to look at them and he had
issues with another three of the patches, and dropping those meant
that all the following ones (including the fix-kernel-doc one)
wouldn't apply, so I dropped them too.  I applied the rest and sent
them to Linus.

> (seems that I forgot to cc Jeff on the rionet change too).

Yeah.  I nearly dropped that one too.  I probably should have. :)

> Oh well.  If nobody puts their hand up in the next 24 hours or so I'll just
> send it all in to Linus.

Please don't.  At this stage I think the best thing is for Kumar to
talk to Zhang Wei (they both work for Freescale, so that should be
possible in theory :) and get him to rework the remaining patches as
required for inclusion in 2.6.27.


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