More commits added to powerpc.git master and powerpc-next branches

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Thu Jul 3 19:47:33 EST 2008

The following patches have been added to the master and powerpc-next
branches of powerpc.git.


Kumar Gala (2):
      powerpc: Fix building of feature-fixup tests on ppc32
      powerpc: Fixup lwsync at runtime

Michael Neuling (3):
      powerpc: Fix compile warning in init_thread
      powerpc: Clean up copy_to/from_user for vsx and fpr
      powerpc: Remove old dump_task_* functions

Nathan Fontenot (5):
      powerpc/pseries: Allow phandle to be specified in formats other than decimal
      powerpc/pseries: Use base address to derive starting page frame number
      powerpc/pseries: Update the device tree correctly for drconf memory add/remove
      powerpc/pseries: Split code into helper routines for drconf memory
      powerpc/pseries: Update numa association of hotplug memory add for drconf memory

Tony Breeds (1):
      powerpc: Fix building of arch/powerpc/mm/mem.o when MEMORY_HOTPLUG=y and SPARSEMEM=n

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