[PATCH 1/2] firewire: endianess fix

Stefan Richter stefanr at s5r6.in-berlin.de
Fri Feb 29 22:52:41 EST 2008

Paul Mackerras wrote:
> Jarod Wilson writes:
>> I wonder how many people still actually 1) have a machine 
>> with this controller, 2) are running Linux on it and 3) use firewire 
>> devices with it. Both of you, please speak up, we're trying to help you! 
>> (if only out of morbid curiosity to see this mythical goofy controller).
> I have a first-generation titanium powerbook that has this controller
> (assuming we're talking about vendor/device id = 0x106b / 0x18), and
> yes I run Linux (only) on it and use firewire disks. :)

I actually have a TiBook 400 myself, but so far without Linux, and its 
FireWire PHY is dead.  But I can use CardBus FireWire cards on it to do 
basic testing on a big endian PC, and I can test the selfID 
byte-swapping by the PHY-less onboard controller.

I now started a Fedora 8 live CD (self-test says the medium is 
corrupt... need to burn another one) and dmesg says:
firewire_ohci: Added fw-ohci device 0002:24:0e.0, OHCI version 1.0
firewire_ohci: recursive bus reset detected, discarding self ids

The second line looks like this is indeed one of those which needs the 
header byte-swap workaround which ohci1394 has but firewire-ohci hasn't yet.

On the weekend I'm going to attempt to put Linux on this PowerBook, at last.
Stefan Richter
-=====-==--- --=- ===-=

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