[PATCH 0/5] ib/ehca: Fix stability issues

Alexander Schmidt alexs at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Tue Aug 12 22:49:24 EST 2008

Hi Roland,

the following patchset contains four small fixes and one bigger patch
(5/5) for addressing some ehca issues we found during cluster test.

[1/5] update qp_state on cached modify_qp()
[2/5] rename goto label in ehca_poll_cq_one()
[3/5] repoll on invalid opcode instead of returning success
[4/5] check idr_find() return value
[5/5] discard double CQE for one WR

They all apply on top of 2.6.27-rc1. If possible, we would like to get
them into 2.6.27.

Alexander Schmidt

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