2.6.23-rc8 dies somewhere during boot!?

Gerhard Pircher gerhard_pircher at gmx.net
Fri Sep 28 19:53:26 EST 2007

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> Datum: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 09:31:31 +1000
> Von: Paul Mackerras <paulus at samba.org>
> An: "Gerhard Pircher" <gerhard_pircher at gmx.net>
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> Betreff: Re: 2.6.23-rc8 dies somewhere during boot!?

> You appear to have a working 16550-style serial port which the udbg
> infrastructure sees.  Thus you should be able to use xmon, talking to
I couldn't get udbg running yet. Maybe i didn't specify a proper kernel
boot argument.

> it via the serial port.  Put "xmon" on the kernel command line and the
> kernel will drop into xmon early in the boot process (in setup_arch).
> Then, either the kernel will oops at some point and drop into xmon,
> and you can then inspect memory and registers and get a stack trace,
> or it will hang at some point.  If it hangs, you can work out where it
> hangs by putting in breakpoints at various points and seeing which
> breakpoints you get to (this might take several boots).
Okay, I'll investigate it. Is there a documentation for xmon (Google
wasn't really helpful in this case).



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