Help! Debian ppc64

Linas Vepstas linas at
Fri Sep 28 01:34:27 EST 2007

On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 09:57:02AM -0400, Cesar Bello wrote:
> Hi, I'm writing from Venezuela. I have to prepair a presentation about
> Debian on IBM pSerires Servers with Power 5+ processors. My first question
> is what are the advantages of use Debian GNU/Linux on pSeries Servers?

Advantages as compared to what?

-- Debian on Intel? 
   +++ powerpc has better RAS features than Intel, for example, 
       my favorite, PCI error handling and recovery, or hotplug cpu,
       dynamic LPAR configuration, etc. 

-- SuSE/RedHat on PowerPC?
   +++ SuSE/RedHat offer formal support, for $$$, which debian/ubuntu do not

-- AIX on pSeries?
   +++ AIX has various "enterprise" features that Debian does not.

You might try talking to RedHat/SuSE product support, and also to IBM
pSeries sales.

Linas Vepstas

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