[PATCH] add Altivec/VMX state to coredumps

Kumar Gala galak at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Sep 27 20:10:47 EST 2007

>>> You're probably right :)
>>> What cores have SPE at the moment? Also, perhaps more importantly,
>>> are there any plans to have Altivec and SPE in the same core?
>> The e500 cores's from Freescale.
>> No, they are pretty much mutually exclusive.
>>> I've been working with Carlos Eduardo Seo (Cc'ed on this mail) on
>>> the GDB side of this.
>>  From comments it looks like the expectation is that the combination
>> of note type and name which is expected to be unique.
>> I'm wondering if we should handle this via
>> elf_coredump_extra_notes_size() & elf_coredump_extra_notes_write().
>> Does GDB care about the order it sees the various sections in?
> I don't think those callbacks will work in this case, they're only
> called for the primary thread that's doing the coredump, not for each
> thread. Perhaps there's a way to adapt it though.
> I think the easiest solution for now is just to make the note type a
> #define and create a new value for Altivec.

Oh, well.  It shouldn't be too difficult to abstract vector handler  
similar to how we do GPRs today to the core dump code.

- k

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