[patch 0/8] PS3 AV Settings Driver patches for 2.6.24

Geert Uytterhoeven Geert.Uytterhoeven at sonycom.com
Thu Sep 27 02:33:08 EST 2007


Here are some new patches for the PS3 AV Settings Driver (ps3av), which is
used in close collaboration with the PS3 Virtual Frame Buffer Device Driver
  [1] ps3av: eliminate unneeded temporary variables
  [2] ps3av: eliminate PS3AV_DEBUG
  [3] ps3av: use PS3 video mode ids in autodetect code
  [4] ps3av: treat DVI-D like HDMI in autodetect
  [5] ps3av: add autodetection for VESA modes
  [6] ps3av: add quirk database for broken monitors
  [7] ps3av: remove unused ps3av_set_mode()
  [8] ps3av: don't distinguish between `boot' and `non-boot' autodetection

Please review, and queue for 2.6.24 if they're ok. Thanks!

Question: As several DVI-D displays advertise they support 1080i modes while
they actually don't (cfr. the quirk database), perhaps I should drop 1080i
modes completely from the ps3av_preferred_modes[] table? Usually 720p looks
better than 1080i anyway.  What do you think?

With kind regards,
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