[PATCH] add Altivec/VMX state to coredumps

Matt Sealey matt at genesi-usa.com
Thu Sep 27 00:00:28 EST 2007

Segher Boessenkool wrote:
>>>> Why not put the PVR in core dumps that'd make it all easier..
>>> PVR wouldn't be very useful...  What if you have altivec disabled ? Also
>>> that would mean your gdb has to know about all new processors...
>> Is that such a big deal? :D
>> Hypothetically it would be impossible to determine if you were running
>> on a G5 with the FPU and AltiVec turned off or an e500 core with SPE,
>> given the data saved.
> And that is exactly as should be: a core dump represents the execution
> state of a user program, it has nothing to do with the machine it was
> generated on; it even is possible to restart a core dump generated on
> e.g. an e500 on a 970, as long as it doesn't use facilities (e.g., SPE)
> that the latter processor / execution environment doesn't provide.

A hypothetical question for you then..

What happens if you get a core dump for a G4 app which dynamically detects
AltiVec presence (from PVR or /proc) then crashes before AltiVec is enabled
in the kernel for that task (i.e. before any vector exception) and you run
it on your G3 and it magically carries on (maybe a race condition or so)
and causes a vector exception later?

Isn't that kind of useless? Wouldn't it?

Matt Sealey <matt at genesi-usa.com>
Genesi, Manager, Developer Relations

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