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Wed Sep 26 01:59:59 EST 2007

Hello Deepak,

On Tue, 25 Sep 2007 17:33:59 +0630
Deepak Gaur wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am writing a kernel module which is required to parse the characters received from a
> device attached to MPC8560 SCC2 (UART slave mode) on serial interface. This SCC is
> required to be configured for single-buffer, character based operation. Moreover on
> another SCC (SCC1 UART master mode) the board debug interface(console) is connected.
> While trying to figure out CPM UART device driver interface available in file
> drivers/serial/cpm_uart/cpm_uart_core.c for my kernel module I found that some of the
> functions are available when CPM_UART_CONSOLE is enabled. 
> My doubt is regarding status of this flag for my hardware setup. Should this flag be
> enabled or not. If it is required to be enabled for supporting SCC1 then how SCC2 will
> be handled?
well, console is normally initialized early, before actual uart driver, that's why those bits are hidden

I suppose you'll just have to get SCC2 uart to work and use ttyCPM1... or if you application is more specific, write another driver
using cpm_uart_core.c as a reference. But I would not recommend  using CPM_UART_CONSOLE stuff - it's pretty restricted and assumes very early triggering, with plenty of stuff not initialized.
> As I am a novice in this area , I shall be grateful if you please guide me in
> understanding this driver code.
> with regards,
> Deepak Gaur
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Sincerely, Vitaly

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