Linux 2.6.23-rc7 kGDB broken

Benjamin ZORES benjamin.zores at
Tue Sep 25 17:41:33 EST 2007


I used to use linux-2.6-kgdb git tree from jwessel to extract kGDB 
related patches
but I now have seen that it has been included in -mm branch.

However, in this branch, kGDB seems to be broken at least on PowerPC
It seems to me that the only reason is due to a missing header file
in include/asm-powerpc/kgdb.h
This file used to be present in kgdb tree (see;a=blob_plain;f=include/asm-powerpc/kgdb.h;hb=kgdb_2.6.22-rc6) 
but is no longer part of the patch.

Is there any reason for that ?
By opposition to what could be said in first LKML thread, adding this 
file is enough to restore kGDB on PowerPC.
I've tested it and it compiles (and work) just fine (and as expected).

Can this file be restored ?


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