[PATCH 1/2] qemu platform, v2

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Mon Sep 24 08:01:18 EST 2007

On Saturday 22 September 2007 11:27:05 pm Paul Mackerras wrote:
> Rob Landley writes:
> Just to correct a few misconceptions:
> > 2) PowerPC uses a device tree supplied by the hardware to identify the
> > available hardware, even for stuff living on PCI busses which it could
> > theoretically probe for but doesn't.
> The device tree doesn't have to include anything that can be probed
> for.  On some platforms (e.g. pSeries) we choose to use the device
> tree rather than probing, but on most other platforms we probe.
> > I'd be following this more closely if compiling a device tree didn't
> > currently require an external utility (dtc or some such) that doesn't
> > come with the Linux kernel.  No other target platform I've built kernels
> > for requires such an environmental dependency.
> No?  You haven't built kernels for other platforms that have external
> dependencies such as perl, gcc, make, binutils, etc.? :)

Lemme clarify.

1) All of the other platforms have the _same_ requirements.  I never had to 
install anything to build "for arm", "for mips", "for sparc", or 
for "x86_64".

The minimal requirements are:  A compiler (gcc/binutils although I'm working 
on extending tcc to replace these), make, linux kernel, C library (uClibc), 
busybox, and bash.  That's it.  You can rebuild it under itself from source 
with that, on x86, x86-64, arm, mips...  Presumably sparc and m68k too (still 
debugging there).

2) Perl isn't needed to build any target platform I've tried.  (I even sent in 
some patches way back to turn a perl script into a sed script for User Mode 
Linux to _make_ this the case.)  Yes you need perl to build glibc, but not to 
build uClibc. :)

3) What I'm pointing out is that ppc needs an external dependency none of the 
other platforms I've tried need.  I consider this a bug.  I didn't start 
using "make headers_install" until it stopped needing an external unifdef.

> >  (This is a problem both for hardwiring the
> > device tree into the kernel and for building a new boot rom from the
> > linux kernel's ppc boot wrapper that would contain such a device tree to
> > feed to the kernel.)
> It's only really been a problem for ps3 so far, since the embedded
> guys don't seem to have any difficulty with installing dtc.

If the only target that interested me was ppc, then I'd happily install dtc 
for it.  But focusing on cross-platform support as I am, I notice when a 
platform has different requirements from any of the others.

> We are 
> looking at what to do for ps3 and prep, and the answer may well
> involve bundling dtc in the kernel source (it's not too big, around
> 3400 lines).

Sounds good to me...

> Paul.

"One of my most productive days was throwing away 1000 lines of code."
  - Ken Thompson.

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