device tree question

Scott Wood scottwood at
Fri Sep 21 07:43:19 EST 2007

Alan Bennett wrote:
> Device Tree and BRG?
>   The SMC1 uses BRG7 and the SCC1 uses BRG1, should we have both BRGs
> configured in the .dts?  ( BRG1 is configured).

They should both be specified, and either in the firmware or in the 
platform code you need to set CMXSMR.

> Device Tree and Chosen?
>   Adding a chosen block and I end up off in the weeds.  removing the
> chosen block and I die within cpm_uart_console_write
>         chosen {
>                 linux,stdout-path = "/soc/cpm/serial at 11a80";
>         };

If you remove the chosen node, you won't get any output from the 
bootwrapper, but it shouldn't crash.

>   In arch/boot/ep8248e, there is a call to:
> planetcore_set_stdout_path(table) is this why there is no
> chosen/stdout-path element in the device tree?

The ep8248e bootwrapper platform is for planetcore (as that's what the 
board ships with).  If you're using u-boot, it's the cuboot-pq2 platform 
that you want to use.  Just make zImage and boot the cuImage.pq2 file.


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