Cleanups for physmap_of.c (v2)

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Thu Sep 20 22:33:08 EST 2007

On Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:22:25 +1000
David Gibson <david at> wrote:

> This patch includes a whole batch of smallish cleanups for
> drivers/mtd/physmap_of.c.
> 	- A bunch of uneeded #includes are removed
> 	- We switch to the modern linux/of.h etc. in place of
> asm/prom.h
> 	- Use some helper macros to avoid some ugly inline #ifdefs
> 	- A few lines of unreachable code are removed
> 	- A number of indentation / line-wrapping fixes
> 	- More consistent use of kernel idioms such as if (!p) instead
> of if (p == NULL)
> 	- Clarify some printk()s and other informative strings.
> 	- parse_obsolete_partitions() now returns 0 if no partition
> information is found, instead of returning -ENOENT which the caller
> had to handle specially.
> 	- (the big one) Despite the name, this driver really has
> nothing to do with drivers/mtd/physmap.c.  The fact that the flash
> chips must be physically direct mapped is a constrant, but doesn't
> really say anything about the actual purpose of this driver, which is
> to instantiate MTD devices based on information from the device tree.
> Therefore the physmap name is replaced everywhere within the file with
> "of_flash".  The file itself and the Kconfig option is not renamed for
> now (so that the diff is actually a diff).  That can come later.
> Signed-off-by: David Gibson <david at>

Looks great this time.  Tested on Ebony and Walnut.  I've applied it to
my tree.


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