2.6.23-rc6-mm1 -- powerpc link failure

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Sep 20 02:36:29 EST 2007

> I am seeing this strange link error from a PowerMac G5 (powerpc):
>   [...]
>     KSYM    .tmp_kallsyms2.S
>     AS      .tmp_kallsyms2.o
>     LD      vmlinux.o
>   ld: dynreloc miscount for fs/built-in.o, section .opd
>   ld: can not edit opd Bad value
>   make: *** [vmlinux.o] Error 1
> Compiler version below.

It's an ld error, could you show us your ld version instead?  And
please try with current mainline ld, too?


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