cuImage generation

Peter Korsgaard jacmet at
Thu Sep 20 01:20:23 EST 2007

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Wood <scottwood at> writes:

 Scott> On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 04:53:14PM +0200, Peter Korsgaard wrote:
 >> How is it supposed to work now cuImage no longer is in BOOT_TARGETS?
 >> What make target are you supposed to work. It works if I add
 >> cuImage.83xx to BOOT_TARGETS and call make cuImage.83xx, but that can
 >> hardly be the correct way?

 Scott> Ah, OK -- you need to type make zImage, not make uImage.

Ahh, I got fooled by the platform selecting DEFAULT_UIMAGE - Thanks!

Bye, Peter Korsgaard

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