FDT for Microblaze and PPC405

Michal Simek monstr at seznam.cz
Sat Sep 15 05:35:13 EST 2007

I made EDK tcl script for generation DTS test scructure for FDT. Script 
support Microblaze and PowerPC 405.
Script was primary built for generation U-BOOT configs files for Microblaze.
For Microblaze can you generate both files (FDT and U-BOOT).
For PowerPC can you generate only DTS file. Generation U-BOOT configs files 
aren't supported yet. Script ends after generation DTS.
Script has 2.00.a mark.
It is available at www.monstr.eu.

Michal Simek

> On 9/11/07, Michal Simek <Monstr at seznam.cz> wrote:
>> Hi Grant,
> (Adding linuxppc-dev mailing list to CC list because we're discussing
> FDT issues)
>> I made EDK repository file for generation dts file from Xilinx design. I 
>> sent it to Wolfgang and Steve this week.
>> It is in the same config file as I use for configuration Microblaze for 
>> U-BOOT. If you want I can send you this repository files.
> Yes, please do.
>> And I start with redesigning Linux kernel for Microblaze. I ported some 
>> peripherals as timer and intc etc.
>> But for some peripherals I need better configuration.
>> I have no time to read information about fdt. Can you tell me what labels 
>> I can use?
> Steve has already done a bunch of work in this direction on
> microblaze, I would converse with him.
>> For example emaclite driver needs information about turning on/off ping 
>> pong buffer...
>> I would like to make this properly.
> FDT design is just as much art as it is science.  It takes taste and
> judgement to desgin a nice set of bindings.  Your best option is to
> draft something and post it to the linuxppc-embedded mailing list for
> review.
>> And second question is on early console logs and timers setting. I read 
>> about aliases in FDT. I think that aliases can cover this setting.
>> For example my design contain 4 serial line and I would like to know 
>> which serial line is set on early console.
> You use the chosen node for this.  In the chosen node, you add a
> property called "linux,stdout-path" which holds the path to your
> console.  You can look at examples under arch/powerpc/boot/dts/*
> Cheers,
> g.
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