Please pull from for-2.6.24

Segher Boessenkool segher at
Sat Sep 15 04:49:59 EST 2007

>>>> Dropped for now.  I doubt we want this based on Segher's comments.
>>>> (pretty sure its a ts108 on the hpc2 board).
>>> It is a tsi108 on hpc2.  Holly has tsi109.  From a Linux perspective,
>>> there is no difference.  And the comment Segher made on the list was
>>> "Looks good, thanks!"  So what other comment are you talking about?
>> I think that was to the .dts clean ups.  The patch from Roy wasn't
>> part of that.
> Nope, on the original patch:
> Guess Segher changed his mind :)

I didn't notice this issue before, that's all :-)

>> But, I think segher is right in saying we should have tsi109 props if
>> the HW is actually tsi108.
> Yeah, that's probably true.


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